Monday, April 14, 2014

What I do when I'm having a Blue Day . . .

I'm having a bit of a blue day today.

Not too surprising all things considered. Last week was filled with this, that and the next thing and I was anticipating the Wellington Garden Center Auction, which was held this past Saturday. My friend Nicole and I spent a couple of hours previewing everything on Friday, I had time for a quick nap before I drove the bus that afternoon and we were all at the auction by 8:30 Saturday morning.

And oh my, was it cold!  And snowing. And crowded. But, more about that another time. . .

I didn't get home until 5 on Saturday and once I started poking through everything I had gotten (I may have come home with a bit more than I had intended. . . ) I just felt so sad . . . I had brought home bits and pieces of someone else's dream. A dream that had died . . .

And so, when I got up this morning and looked around at a house that needed digging out once again, ( A never ending task . . .) I was feeling quite blue.

I spent a little time wallowing in it, and then, since I'm a grownup (most of the time), filled the sink with hot, soapy water and set the first load of dirty dishes to soak.

I didn't stop there though. I think the best cure for the blues is to first do something that needs to be done, and then something that wants to be done.

For me, today, that was to make something pretty. Something that only I can make.

I started with a photo I took last year that I love, added some textures and a little French script, played with the dodge and burn tools and finished up with a quote that really speaks to me these days . .

Here's the original picture:

and here's what I did with it:

I'm going to print it and hang it on my bulletin board right above my computer screen. Because sometimes it's nice to have more that just an image on a screen.

What do you do when you're feeling blue???

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why I'm Weird and You should be Too. (The making and Inspiration of a Spring Nest)

I was chatting with one of the younger girls on my bus the other day, about being weird. She commented that someone she knew was 'weird'. I laughed and said we were all weird in some way. She smiled and nodded.

"I know I'm weird" I said.

She looked at me oddly and said" That's funny, most adults don't admit they are weird . . ."

So here's the thing about that conversation. Although we used the word 'weird', really, what we were talking about is how each one of us was made  by the Creator to be different.  To be unique.

I'm happy to proudly stand up and say "I'm weird." I like the things about me that make me different. They make my life interesting. And more fun.

 Once you let go of the notion that everyone should be exactly the same as everyone else, that is. . . 

I follow an amazing photographer named Heather over at Fairyography. I've always loved fairies and fairy-tales so her work really intrigues me.

A while back she commented on a session done by a photographer she admired, Kira Hancock Sanoja. She posted a link on Facebook from a session Kira did and one to to a session she did inspired by Kira's work. This one is Kira's and this one and this one show how Heather interpreted Kira's idea.

I loved the idea of a nest in a photo shoot and as I had my first newborn girl shoot coming up, decided to do one of my own . . .

Three woman, and a nest. Each one of us could have copied someone else's  idea of what a photography session using a nest looked like. Instead we each looked at the idea through the filter of our own individual 'weirdness's' and created something uniquely our own.

Wouldn't life be just that much more amazing if we all admitted we were weird and enjoyed that fact rather than trying to hide it???

Here's a little photo esssay on how my nest and shoot went, but be sure to click on the other links as well. They really are amazing . . .

Monday, March 31, 2014

Exciting News!

It's been nearly a month since I told everyone on Facebook that I had some very exciting news to share.

News that had something to do with this guy . . .

A few of you remembered that this was Morgan's tattoo, which meant that the exciting news must be about my third child. The one who more and more reminds me of his dad. Except when he reminds me of me. Or of himself . . . . ;D

A few of you even guessed the news. (Being family has it's advantages!)

Yes indeed people. One of my babies is getting married!

We had a lovely dinner to celebrate the engagement and the girls and I get to go dress shopping with his lovely fiance Kim tomorrow night.

We are beyond excited for Morgan and Kim. Congratulations you two!

As you can see, Jesse is too . . .

Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's not my Fault . . . and I have the Doctor's Note to Prove it!

It's been a month since I've blogged.

An entire month!

I started driving the bus and somehow, it just knocked me for a loop. I would get home, sit in my chair and hardly move for the rest of the night.

I couldn't believe how tired a two hour drive could make me. Truthfully, it started making me a little nervous. I mean, let's face it, there is no real physical activity to driving. Mental yes, but for the most part, driving just involves a whole lot of sitting.

I kept 'hitting the wall' (of exhaustion) and if it weren't for some wonderful ladies,  all the plant babies that came to my house over the last few weeks would still be languishing in their tiny little plugs. (And if you can believe it, 75 more showed up at my door yesterday morning! Oy!)

My drivers license is coming up for renewal on May first so I went for blood tests last week and made a doctor's appointment for yesterday morning.

The phone rings Monday morning, early. It's the doctor's receptionist. "We've got your blood tests back and the doctor wants you to come in and talk about."

Instant panic. All I can think, is that it has something to do with cancer.

Those were two very long days. Days I spent not getting stuff done that needed to be done. I was either praying or reading a book. I wish I were like my sister Lisa who becomes a cleaning whirlwind when something's bothering her. My house would be spotless this morning, rather than a disastrous mess. (There are  some clean utensils though, so that's something. Right???)

Waiting in the doctor's office turned me into a sweaty basket case.

He saunters in, gives me a cheery hello, and starts chatting about renewing my medications, forms I need filled out for my license . . . until finally, finally, he says " So, the blood tests are back and your iron is really low."

"My whaaat?!"

Hang on, wait, my iron is really low???

You mean I'm not exhausted because the cancer has come back??

"No, everything else came back excellent, but your iron is really low."

"How low?"


"Ummmm. . . what would a normal number be???"

"12 at the absolute lowest but really, closer to 100."


For crying out loud! That is the last thing I would have thought of. (although Henry did mention it as a remote possibility, the smarty pants.)

Turns out that you can't eat red meat once or twice a month without consequences. I am not fond of red meat. The only time I eat it is if we go to a restaurant that serves prime rib, or perhaps a nice beef dip. Or if I make spaghetti . . .

The prescription?  Iron pills three times a day for two weeks and then once a day for the next several months. LOTS of red meat. No tea, because the tannins inhibit iron absorption. :(

So. . . here it is, my doctor's note for bloggers:

"To whom it may concern, 

Rosa may not blog as often as she would like as her iron is very, very, low causing her to wish she could just go back to bed an hour after she gets out of it.

Please be patient with her. It can take six months or more for her iron levels to go back up."

Dr. Y

Okay, Okay, there isn't really such a thing as a doctor's note for bloggers, but if there were . . . He would totally write one for me. He's awesome that way.

I have a ton of posts backed up in my head, but, I also have a ton of work to do to get ready for my upcoming plant sale and there are a few fun photography projects on the books as well, so we will see what we can do.

I have been dropping by Facebook a little more often these days. It it is a lot easier (and quicker) to post little updates there.If you want to see what's happening, just head over to my Facebook page and hit the Like button to stay up to date. :D

That said . . . there are so many posts swirling around my brain that they've got to come out eventually, so . . . stay tuned! I'll be back as often as I possibly can.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring Inspiration in the Midst of a Deep Freeze.

I was supposed to drive the bus for the first time this afternoon and I have to admit, I've been rather anxious about it.

Although I've driven bits and pieces of the route before, a lot of the surrounding landscape has changed, making parts of it unfamiliar. Most of the kids are unknown to me which makes figuring out who is or isn't on the bus difficult. Some of my route, while in my neighborhood, has me dropping off new kids at unfamiliar houses. All in all? A little nerve wracking. Two weeks from now I'll likely wonder what I had to be nervous about, but today it's the first day of a new job.

That makes everyone nervous, right?   

However . . . while on Facebook early this morning, I saw status updates from two of my sisters-in-law. "No school today. -43 with windchill at the International Airport."

Whaaaat?! Alright! Except . . . . it's minus 43 Celsius at the International Airport!

Arghh!  I'm knee deep in growing and planning for the Spring Plant Sale as well as a big Mother's day sale. . . Will winter never end??!

I found something else on Facebook this morning and, if you're as sick of winter as I am, you might enjoy this Spring Fever blog hop. It's a lot more fun than looking out the window at the moment. . .

Click to visit the Spring Fever blog hop with 10 Garden Charmers
 Here's my contribution to the cause. . .

A few garden pictures to remind me that winter doesn't last forever. . .         

Now I'm off with map and student list in hand to drive out my new bus  route in the truck . . .

I'll be glad when it's two weeks from now.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Travel Tuesday. Touring my Teeny, Tiny Photogaphy Studio

 Our adventure today brings us to a small room in my basement.

 I'm pretty excited to show you all how my teeny, tiny studio makeover turned out.

Remember what I started with??

Thankfully, I had kids willing to help out, and after a lot of white paint and some new base boards I had a clean slate to work my magic on.

I seriously had so. much. fun. outfitting this minuscule room.

 I hit up thrift stores and wandered the mall looking for rock bottom deals. I used every last bit of white paint, wielding my brush with abandon. I did a little bartering with Cindy Panek who's starting up a business of her own. She crocheted me some fabulous baby things in exchange for photographing her goods once she has her Etsy store up and running.

Win Win.

I rummaged through the house looking for whatever I though might work. All those not quite white towels will be perfect for filling baskets.The little green doll crib I got as a girl was dragged out from under the deck and scrubbed within an inch of it's life.

 I had a blast!

The studio was finally ready for business.
So, without further ado, I give you my new photography studio . . .

How cute are these? 

I love purple. Now all I need is a baby girl to dress up.

Isn't this one adorable!

I see a fairy shoot in my future . . .

I tried this with a real, wide awake baby. I did not get this shot. All I can say is that Holly had her hand right there for good reason.  (Ahem)

I hope you enjoyed your tour. I know I had a wonderful time putting this room together and now. .

I'm just waiting for kids to fill it. :D

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

I decided I wanted to do something fun for Valentines day and make my own card for all of you.

A little digital art if you will.

Henry's not huge on the whole Valentine's thing. He always says everyday is Valentines day . . .

It certainly lets him off the hook romantically speaking doesn't it??

Any hoo . . .

I decided that if Valentines day was all about love it, could just as well be about the love we have for friends and family as well.

Thus my card.

I started with this picture just because I think these pigs are so darn cute. I took it while Henry and I were on a romantic weekend away so it's an appropriate one for the occasion.

(don't forget to click on each image to get it full sized.)

A lot of experimenting and playing around and a few hours later I came up with this:

Happy Valentines to all of you! I hope your day is a beautiful one.