Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gardening. . . On Pintrest

My sister-in-law Andrea left a message on Facebook for me this morning, asking if I was on Pinterest as there were so many great gardening ideas there.

Now I found Pinterest back when it first started up. It was pretty cool, all kinds of beautiful pictures of food, crafts, weddings, floral arrangements, clothes, diy. . .

It was great!

If you have never been on Pinterest,  it's a virtual bulletin board. You can look at the main board, specialty boards or even create your own boards.

Back in the beginning though, the page could take a while to load new additions and as you got closer to the bottom of the page it would freeze which was rather frustrating.
I have been on a bit since then and the site seems to work very well now, although I spend very little time there.

What I didn't realize however, was that there were boards just for gardening !

Or that I could make my own! 

Well now. . . that was something to to check out. . .

via pinterest

via pinterest

via pinterest

via pinterest

via pinterest

via pinterest

via pinterest 

via pinterest

via pinterest

vis pinterest

via pinterest

via pinterest. . . And I am SO going to make these peony cages come spring!

Via pintreest   This has always been my dream front garden. White picket fence, pink roses, purpley blue sage and chartreuse ladies mantle. Sigh. . . .
 I will also add the warning that should be at the top of every Pinterest board. . .

Warning: Pinning can become addictive!

* update. Yes indeed, Pinterest can be addictive . . . I spend a whole lot more time there these days. :D


Nancy-Mom said...

Very nice, I can see you becoming addicted !!

Evelyn in Canada said...

That last photo is awesome. Do that in your yard. Henry will love the picket fence project.

Rosa Veldkamp said...

Unfortunately a white picket fence won't go with my cedar gazebo so this won't work for me anymore.
But it is always what I envisioned when I considered a picket fence and roses. Ah well. . . maybe in another garden. . . ;)

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