Thursday, January 12, 2012

How (Not) to Repaint A Small Bedroom In A Week

Every January I get the urge to purge.

And the urge to redecorate.

Normally this entails angst and urgency as I struggle to finish my project in the week after Christmas, before it's time to head back to school.

As a newly retired woman, I figured this year would be a snap. I decided to repaint our bedroom and do a little redecorating.
It would be quick and it would be free.
I had Henry help me empty out the room. Where in the world did all that stuff come from?!
Back into the bedroom to dream a little.

I looked up. . .

For crying out loud!
I had forgotten about the ceiling!
My plan was to use leftover white paint to freshen up the room and as I gazed at the unpainted, 50 year old, grimy, stucco ceiling my heart sank. If I hadn't already emptied out the room, I would have given up on the project right then and there.
But I had.
So I couldn't.
Really, is there anything worse than painting an old stucco ceiling?

I decided to save a little time and effort. I would leave one wall green. You know. . . an accent wall.

 It was time to crack open the paint can. . .
First things first. . .cut in around the edges.

I must say, if you want to feel old, try painting a ceiling. Between triggering my asthma with the paint fumes and my arthritis by tightly clenching the paint brush. . .

All I can say is. . .  a deadline to push for would have been a very good idea.

I would paint a bit and stop.
Go back and start in another spot because the wet stucco starts sliding around if you paint over again. . .
Rest again. . .

Oooohhh. . .

The Walton's are on! Time to stop for the day!

It took me four days to finish the ceiling and another three to paint the walls.
All four walls. Because I forgot to make sure none of the ceiling paint strayed onto the accent wall.
I ran out of primer with about four square feet left to go.
So much for a free make over.
I also ran out of paint. Really, really not free any more. . .
During that week I procrastinated, sighed, moaned,  fell on the ice while walking Jada, spilled paint on the floor, (thankfully it fell on the plastic bag I had just put down), did my very best to guilt the guys into helping me ( it didn't work) and in general felt very sorry for myself.
On the up side, I also visited with a dear friend of mine for the first time in months, got to hang out with my mom a bit and endured serious teasing every time I said "I'm going to paint right now. I'll been done in no time!"

Thankfully, nothing lasts forever and the room is now freshly painted.


I don't think I've ever had so much trouble with what should have been a small project. 

All that's left is the fun decorating stuff. . .  So, I leave you with a picture of the somewhat before. . .

While making no promises as  to when I will post the afters!

I have a stack of books beside my chair, so I instead to snuggle up with a fuzzy blanket, cup of tea, warm coffee cake and which ever book is on the top of the pile.
I may stay there until I get to the bottom of the pile. . .
After all. . . I am retired!

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Things You Do As The Nest Starts To Empty. . .

Peanut butter cookies are pure gold around here.
Not for me mind you, I hate working with peanut butter and unless it's a peanut butter cup or a chocolate peanut butter square I am of the opinion that peanut butter should just stick to bread.
Since I love my sweet husband quite a lot, every so often  I grit my teeth and whip up a batch of his mom's peanut butter cookies.
 However, making cookies  inevitably leads to beaters covered in cookie dough. . .
With peanut butter cookies this causes quite a dilemma. I won't lick them clean, just thinking about it makes me queasy. Henry's at work so he's no help, the girls don't live at home and the boys are both at work. . . .
It seems a terrible waste not to have someone lick these clean!
What to do. . . what to do. . .

I can't believe I just did that!
I don't know what came over me. I was thinking about how much Jesse loved to lick the beaters when he was little (okay he still loves to lick the beaters), which led me to think about how much Jada loves peanut butter, sugar and butter.
Before I knew it. . . the beater was on the floor!
She was thrilled.
I was horrified.
But only a little bit. 
What do you think I'll be like once the nest is totally empty?
On second thought. . . please. . . don't answer that!
© A Life of Whimsey