Saturday, January 22, 2011

Major Inspiration!

You just got to check this out!
I came across a link on Tamara's blog that eventually led me to this episode of a Greener World. (First time I had heard of it.)
I had heard of Will Allen before, but I had never actually seen  Growing Power and how all the systems work.
The whole thing gives me goosebumps. I am in awe of the systems that God has put in place for us to feed ourselves even under less than ideal circumstances.
This is what I want to do when I grow up. . .
I'm going to start saving my pennies up. I would love to go to a workshop week end at Will Allen's Growing Power!
Anyone want to come with me?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lisa's Grandkids

Just because they're so darn cute!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Good Night's Sleep

Have you ever gone to bed dead tired and longing for a good night's sleep?
I went to bed last night positive that the minute my head hit the pillow I'd be out like a light.
I snuggled uner the blankets, sighed. . .
and started thinking!

Man I hate it when I start thinking!!

I tossed, I turned, I told myself to stop thinking, but my brain refused to listen to me.
I thought brilliant thoughts, (they are always brilliant in the middle of the night. . .) but all I really wanted to do was go to sleep.
Three hours and a bunch of leg excercises later (Don't ask me why, somehow in my sleep deprived mind I thought it might be a good idea. . .) I finally fell asleep.
Ask me how much I got done today. . .

You can't live with them, you can't live without them.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Didn't Want To Get On The Plane!

(Sorry Tam. The first day and I've already messed up, so I'm doing Tuesday instead. . .)
Henry and I got home from B.C. yesterday afternoon.
It rained while we were in B.C. (it always does) but a good part of the time I didn't even need a coat!
In January!!
It was -22C when the plane landed in Edmonton.
This is what greeted us as we pulled into the driveway. . .

Except  the driveway was  full of snow, as was the sidewalk, so we all spent a good bit of time shovelling last night. I'm shorter than the guys so I had a really hard time throwing the snow up high enough and it kept sliding back down the hill.
My friend Marlene phoned me this morning to tell me the roof on her commercial hoop house collapsed this week end so she won't be selling plants this spring. (I'm so sorry Marlene!)
I immediately went out to check on my greenhouse.
Good grief , there was a ton of  heavy snow on the roof!
I tried to convince Henry to take care of it when he came home for lunch, but he told me it would have to wait until later.
As I was worried that later would be too late, I jumped into my snow boots and headed out armed with a broom and a shovel.
Thankfully Jesse came out to help because some of it was just beyond me. . .

The snow behind the greenhouse has gotten so deep, the one wall is buried up to the start of the roof!
Jesse dug that away as best he could and I`ve got my fingers crossed that my greenhouse won`t be flooded too badly when things start to melt.
Sigh. . .
Winter in Alberta. . .
Some times it's hard.
Jada likes it though. . .

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Sisters Share Everything!

Did you ever wish you had something and knew it would be a looong time before you would get that thing you loved so?
Did you ever want to hug and squeeze the object of your desire?
Felt you heart melt?
Felt quite sure that one day you just had  to have one of those?. . .
Well I sure do and when you see this cutie patootie you're going to feel the same way I do!
Here I come!

I made it! Thanks for picking me up when I fell grandma!

Tamara was very generous and let me play with the Wee One all I wanted while I was out for Junior's wedding, (here's a sneak peak. . . For real pictures check out Tamara's blog)
Here is the other cutie patootie I was allowed to hold and squeeze and snuggle at the rehearsal. . .
"Just lean over a little farther Auntie Rosa. . . I need to grab that bible. It looks very tasty!"
Lisa's son and daughter in law Matt and Katherine were happy to share their seven and a half month old little boy with me and the two of us had a delightful time together!
I may not have grandchildren of my own yet, but. . .
not to worry. . .
My sisters share everything!
© A Life of Whimsey