Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My son the star!

Morgan was one of the leads in his school play tonight.

He did an awesome job.

He played a bully who convinced all his neighbours that the new family who had moved in had to go. (the dad had spent time in prison)

He was a very convincing mean, nasty man.

When he slapped his 'daughter' across her face the entire theater gasped.

His voice ( and anger) projected to the back of the theater.

Everyone involved did an amazing job.

And Sarah. . . (the girl in the red skirt)

He really did think you were going to move your head as he slapped you. . . (yikes!)

Morgan and his very best friend Brad. . . the good guy and the bad guy. ( the good guy is wearing the red tie)

Well done everyone!
See you at grad on Friday. . .


Jenny said...

Way to go, Morgan! Congratulations on graduation, too!


Chandra said...

Wow, does Morgan ever look like you in that last picture!!

Tamara said...

Thanks so much for that posting....I really wish I could have been there. I want a copy of the DVD when it comes out.

Congrats to everyone!

momofcrt said...

WOW does Morgan ever look like your brother in that picture!!!!

momofcrt said...

LOL I just read Chandra's note and yes he also looks very much like you but also very much like Johan.

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