Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm Still Here

I got a call from my sister Tamara last night wondering if I was okay.
" Because, well. . . you haven't been blogging that much and I wondered if everything was okay. . .?"
I must admit that I've been struggling with a couple of health issues in the last few weeks.
One of them is pain in my right hip which has flared up quite badly and the ache really wears me out sometimes.
I have to pay close attention to how I drive my bus or it gets worse and I haven't been doing that lately.

Ev and I have also been working on 'The Plan' (details coming very soon) and that has been taking up a fair bit of time as well. (more so for Ev than for me right now though!)

Things are getting better slowly and I had a little fun playing with a free photo editing program.
Here's a few pictures I took in the garden last summer, after they were edited. . .

Happy Friday everyone!


Nola @ the Alamo said...

Your photos are looking great. Hope you're feeling better soon, take care of yourself.

Tamara Jansen said...

OK, now I MUST try doing some photo editing. Your shots are just FABULOUS Rosa!

momofcrt said...

The pictures are gorgeous indeed.
Hope the hip problem resolves soon. I have issues with my left ankle, even though I should be resting it, I can't.....we're playing floor hockey at school for intramurals and I'm goalie for my colour team and the teachers team.
Maybe I'll relax during spring break......
which photo program do you use?

Rosa said...

I'm using Picassa.
It has limitations but as I've just started it works great for me.It's also a program you can download for free.

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