Saturday, July 18, 2009


Does any one remember that exciting day when your mom finally let you use a real knife?

You know, one that was actually sharp, not the butter knife that only babies used?

Of course she anxiously gave you safety rule after safety rule and you tossed a scornful look her way and said "I'm not a baby anymore you know!!"

Well. . .

I forgot the first rule of sharp knife safety.

Always cut away from yourself.

I am now missing a chunk out of the top of my thumb.

Which of course brings us to the most important rule of all. . .

Always listen to your mother!


Nancy-Mom said...

Ouch, I got this sick feeling in my stomach as I read that and saw the blood. :o(
I've been looking and looking for a post but didn't expect a bloodie one, yech :o)
Lesson.....listen to mom!!!!

Tamara Jansen said...

Oh man, make sure you never use a brand new Cutco knife. Those things are so sharp you can cut your whole hand off like your slicing a tomotoe.....I should know :)

Wish you were here camping. Especially since I know that you enjoy camping as much as I do!

Anonymous said...

Talk to Lienke about that, she lost a LARGE chunk of the top of her thumb when using a brand new Tupperware peeler!!
Those are strictly forbodden in our home now! Hope you heal soon...

Wife in Training said...

I cut off a chunk of my right index finger clean of when I was at a sub shop were I use to work. All I could do was look at it and think "great this should be fun to right with". I still don't feel anything in that finger!

Evelyn in Canada said...

Eww, a little warning about the graphic nature of your pictures would have been nice! I hope it's not as bad as it looks. I'll bring you some nice pesto tomorrow to cheer you up. :-)

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