Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm going to bed tonight dreaming of farming.

My farm has chickens, sheep, a cow, a few pigs, a HUGE garden, compost piles, bee hives and a few Nubian goats.

I shear sheep on my farm, can and freeze food, spin and weave wool, milk my cow (by hand!) , make cheese and collect eggs to bake cookies (Which are of course, baked in the oven of my wood stove).

It's a lovely dream. ( I can see Lisa rolling her eyes right about now!)

And for the most part that's likely all it will ever be.

A dream.

But who's to say I can't have at least some of that dream right here in the city?

I'm sure going to do my best to make as much of that dream come true as I possibly can.

Anybody ever hear of chickens in the city?

I'm pretty sure a cow would be frowned on.

Darn. There goes my chance to make cheese!

What's your dream?


Anonymous said...

Nubian goats!? whats wrong with normal goats? And I love goat cheese...I'm all for making cheese. I have dreams too, some of which have been accomplished, and some that haven't. Right now, my dreams involve a healthy new grandchild and a wonderful Christmas season together with as many of my loved ones as possible, and, of course, feeding them until they are stuffed! I miss you, and REALLY wish we could be together on Monday....I promise, I will be thinking about you all day!! Much love, Lisa

Tamara Jansen said...

My dream is to one day start a company that will rival the likes of Disney and Pixar. We will produce family style movies, mostly animated. I have hired my lead animator as well as have a 5 piece orchestra in place to do the soundtrack. All that is lacking is the equipment and know how to start production. I'm hoping Mini Me will be going to the Art Institure for her animation degree and then......we're OFF!

Until then, I can't wait to see the new Toy Story III to help me keep my dream alive!

What would we girls be without a dream?!

Marian said...

My dream is to help people organize their homes....sounds silly, i know, but I love the look on people's faces when they see what their home can become after it's decluttered and changed around.

Evelyn in Canada said...

Chickens in the city?? Are you crazy? :-)

I love your dream, and I'll be living right next door to you helping out with the chores.

Rosa said...


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