Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Day Off

It's spring break here in Alberta and as usual I have a To Do list as long as my arm to get through.

Most of the things on the list will leave something prettier or more useful or both when I'm done, but trying to cram everything into a one week holiday means they all seem more like work and less like an enjoyable project.

Last night I decided that today would be a real day off.

I hung out in bed until ten in the morning, having breakfast and reading my book in a room filled with sunlight.

I also figured I'd go the whole nine yards after I had my showered and put make up on. (Nearly unheard of!)

Holly needed a ride to the Credit Union which gave me a chance to visit Wellingtons, my favorite garden center.

I'm always inspired when I go there as it is filled with all manner of whimsy.

I came home with these lovely cherry blossoms which will be a part of a creative opportunity I was given for this weekend.

Lunch was KFC, something that happens about four or five times a year.

After an afternoon spent reading, I was ready to do a little more work on my weekend project.

I drove out to the school to cut some pussy willows and thoroughly enjoyed my walk in the country.

All in all a lovely day off!
Here's hoping each of you will have a lovely day off of your own one of these days soon. . .


Tamara Jansen said...

I just LOVE Pussy Willows. We saw Pussy Willow standards in Germany planted up with beautiful assortment of daffodils and primulas.....GORGEOUS! I'm trying to source them for next year. I'll send you one if it ever works out :)

You are the best BIG SIS around.....well, I should qualitify that. You are the best FIRST BORN sister. I can't forget Lisa, the SECOND BORN. She is coming over on Friday to cook brunch at my place so that's pretty amazing too! How did I luck out with 2 such AMAZING sisters?!

momofcrt said...

Isn't spring break lovely? I spent Monday sewing all day (duvet cover and still working on curtains). Tuesday did some errands and then sat and read my book. Wednesday and THursday afternoons were cleaning at the "new" house, still lots to do there before we move in.
We're going to have to check out your hubby's store for carpet and other flooring :-)

cindy said...

I like your blog. I came to you through Tamara.

I'll be back.

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