Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm Back!

When Aunty Nancy left a comment today, I thought it was on an old post.
And it was.

August the 5Th.

But that was also my most recent post!

Good grief!

I mean, I knew that I had been busy, but some how, in my mind, I had actually posted about what I'd been up to once in a while.
I was sure I had posted about the huge amounts of strawberries Ev and I picked (with a little help) at a local organic U-pick farm, but as I look back through my posts I see that story was not there.

I also couldn't find the post about the awesome party we had to both celebrate Henry's 50Th birthday and to say good bye to our dear friends Bart and Jurrina who moved back to Holland with their kids this summer.

I mean it took weeks to get ready for this party and not one bit of it is documented on this blog!

Ev and I made 40 matching cloth napkins, I bought 40 white dinner plates from the Dollar store ($ 1.50 each), we set the greenhouse up with all the buffet food, set tables all through the garden, had people fishing in the park across the street for prizes and I even made party favours!

But when I look back there is nothing there.

I couldn't find a post about the 20 pints of green beans that mom pressure canned from the beans out of the garden, or pictures of the enormous beets that became 27 pints of pickled beets, never mind the look on mom's face as she peeled and sliced the gold and striped beets which, after cooking, looked like peaches and turnips. She kept saying ,"I don't know Rose, I don't know. Maybe if I close my eyes the first time I eat them they might taste like beets. . ."

Then there was the day we harvested over a 100 huge leeks along with a modest amount of carrots. . .

We had bought lots of celery and chopped everything up to make soup veggie packets.

She went back outside later that day to discover a hidden carrot patch which she decided to can. In a water bath canner. I thought she had done it before. I decided not to get into another discussion about up to date canning methods. (She thinks I'm crazy.)

Only God's Providential care saved her. Some of the jars went a bit cloudy. She decided to try one of the other jars. It had a strange grayish snot like growth in it.

She threw it out. Before she ate it

I asked her if she had ever had that happen before.

She told me she hadn't ever done carrots before!

We looked up the correct way.

ONLY pressure can carrots!!

For crying out loud!

Did anyone see the post about all the painting I did? The hallway? New shelves Henry built for my china and glassware? Kitchen cupboards inside and out? Ceiling? Walls???

Sigh. . .

Me neither.

And we haven't even talked about all the gardening!

I'm not surprised there's no post about melt down I had over the many cases of peaches when they started to mold.

I would have thought I would have said something about the lovely visit I had with Lisa and her family and how much my house guests loved poor little Katie whom we were dog sitting at the time. . . (cough, cough)

Well, there's no doubt about it! I've really dropped the ball.

Let's see if I can pick it up again.

Stay tuned for the Zucchini Saga. . .


Tamara Jansen said...

I can't BELIEVE there are no posts about ALL this stuff! Seriously, how is a sister supposed to keep in touch if you don't update your blog with aLl these triumphs?!

Love ya like crazy. How can I NOT? I mean, it was YOU that introduced me to Martha Stuart all those years ago!

Nancy-Mom said...

My sentments exactly Tamara,we've been deprived of lots of information :o) glad you're back on track Rosa,.....next time I'l comment waaay earlier...but you won't let it happen again, right :o)
Now then....Tamara ?? :o) Seems this aunts got her work cut out for her keeping you guys in line !!!! Aren't you glad you don't blog Lisa :-(

Evelyn in Canada said...

Welcome back! And now there is a post about all that stuff. You've kinda crammed it in with few words, but start throwing random pictures around and we'll match them up with the events you forgot to blog about.

Anonymous said...

Well apparently I don't rate the same measure of respect that aunt Nancy does, because the last time I mentioned to Rosa how much I missed her blogs, she threatend to stop bloggin entirely if I did not stop pestering her about it!! How do you like them apples?!Yes aunt Nancy..I am glad I do not blog..but it's only because I can't imagine that anyone could be interested in anything that I do in my very ordinary day :)Glad to see you back in the blogging world Rose, I missed you...but you knew that ;), Lisa

momofcrt said...

I almsot deleted the link to your blog figuring you never blogged any more ;-) Just kidding. I always enjoy reading whatever you write and the pictures you post.
I blog sporadically and after I read what I post I think, how boring. Ah well, it's my life and I am content with it.

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