Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wild Life

I had just gotten  on to a quiet street in St Albert this morning when, without warning, a moose trotted across the street! She (no horns) wandered around for a bit and then headed back into the bush towards the river which would take her back out of town. (I hope!)
My first reactions were both delight and gratitude.
I mean how often do you get to see a moose up close like that?
Henry never does when he's out hunting, that's for sure!
I sent up a heartfelt prayer of thanks for such a lovely gift and hard on that, came the thought. . .
"Where's my camera? What kind of a blogger doesn't carry a camera 24/7 ?!!"
The fact that it was pitch black at the time was irrelevant.
After all a picture of a moose in the dark would be better than no picture of any kind of moose at all, don't you think?


Tamara Jansen said...

This would be the reason you need to have a cell phone with a built in camera!

momofcrt said...

Henry almost hit a couple of moose coming home from dropping off the boys at youth group Sunday night. There are two that live near us in the hamlet.
Also, three weeks ago our neighbours were bow hunting and got their buck in the field across from us. I guess your Henry will be out this way soon for his annual hunting trip?q

Anonymous said...

Wow, never mind your camera...where was your hunting rifle?!! You could have come home from the bus run AND brought in the meat for the, I'm disapointed in you Rosa. Don't you know how to field dress a moose? Glad this has never happened to me...although, we did used to see many bears when we lived in Promontory..LIsa

Nancy-Mom said...

Gotta think positive here, at least you didn't run into him, could have done a lot of car damage.
But....I agree with Lisa, ypu're a hunters wife, where was your gun girl, you could have upped Henry one with a moose slung over the back of the car. :-)
Yuck !

Rosa said...

Well the thing is, I am the WIFE of a hunter.
I Do Not hunt!
And I'm pretty sure carrying a rifle on my bus on the off chance I might come across a moose would be frowned on. ;P

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