Monday, May 16, 2011

Picture Walls

I have no family pictures displayed anywhere in my house.
Do you find that shocking?
The thing is, once I paint a wall I hate to put holes in it unless I am absolutely sure that what I hang there will be perfect.
The odd family picture that kind friends have shot for us over the years have been far from perfect and I couldn't bring myself to spend good money on a frame for a not so great picture.
"But" I can hear you thinking "just because you haven't hung pictures on the wall surely doesn't mean there are no family pictures anywhere in your home!"
"After all everybody has pictures on the fridge!"
I must hang my head in shame. . .
I truly have never had any pictures out anywhere at all.
Having recently been made aware that the 'Mother of the Year" awards are nearly always awarded to the mom who's home is wallpapered with every picture they have ever taken of their offspring I resolved to have a picture wall of my own.
After all how hard could it be???
Sighhhhh. . .
You all know about my inability to have anything resembling a normal expression on my face when someone is taking my picture?
Well every last one of my kids is certain that they suffer from the same disability. ( Okay. . . really only Holly and Morgan ) so getting a picture is like pulling teeth!
Imagine my surprise and delight when Holly e-mailed me a picture of her and her honey along with written permission to put it on my wall.
I figured this momentous occasion should be shared. . .

Aren't they beautiful?!


Evelyn in Canada said...

She's certainly looking happy. So start your wall already!

Anonymous said...

Wow! No pictures on the wall? Whose sister are you any way?LOL.
I agree with Evelyn, it's good to see Holly looking so happy.
Love you, Lisa

momofcrt said...

They look great. Glen hasn't changed any, just gotten more mature looking over the years.
They look fantastic together!

Tamara Jansen said...

STUNNING! Time to start buying frames girly!

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