Thursday, July 7, 2011

One Last Grad Post

Since neither Holly or my sisters were able to be there I just had to post a few more pictures and one last movie just for them
We will return to our regular scheduled programming any day now!

A series of pictures entitled . . .  Jesse is a nut. . .

And now for the movie clip. . .
This is for Tamara because she loves music, Holly because she couldn't be there, Aunty Nancy because these boys actually love to sing (the class decided they wanted to sing at grad on their own) and Lisa,  because if she wasn't included in the list, I would hear her voice in my head . "What am I! Chopped liver?!!"

Sorry about the film quality. It took me awhile to figure out my new camera.


Anonymous said...

Oh!!! Thank you Rosa for posting that song, It's one of my favorites, I have it on the Mass choir cd, and I listened to that cd so much, my kids are sick of it!! Love you, miss you, Lisa

Tamara Jansen said...

Seriously, you guys are so blessed to have kids with such beautiful voices! Our grad class was huge but their singing was not as high class as this :) I think it's Jesse's bass that really makes it full. He should keep going to choir, don't you think?!

momofcrt said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! That is one of my favourite songs from the mass concert. I have a hard time singing it without tearing up. We sang it this year again for choir, love, love love it. I'm so happy to hear young men who enjoy singing since so many that age don't.
thanks for sharing it.

Nancy-Mom said...

Beautiful Rosa, thanks for posting that, I feel special now :o)That song must be a favorite for grads, I remember it being on some of our kids grad as well.

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