Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Secret Sisters

I mentioned my secret sister in a previous post and my cousin Chandra wondered what exactly that was. (She wasn't the only one!)

It was organized by one of the ladies in our church. She put a questionnaire in every one's mailbox which we had to fill out and return if we were interested in participating.
The questionnaire asked things like who we were, if we were married and to whom , our age, hobbies, favorite things (like bible verses, holidays or seasons, desserts etc.), things we like to collect, if we had allergies or real dislikes, and whether we had any special prayer requests.

She took them all and then everyone was given someone else's questionnaire and that person was then your secret sister.

The idea is to do something thoughtful for her at least once a month until our reveal party in mid December.

Not only do I have a secret sister to do fun things for, someone also has me as a secret sister. Last month I was given the most unusual gladiola flower. I had never seen those colours on a gladiola before and I just loved it.

This month I received a beautiful stained glass piece and was told (in a card) that her artist friend had made it and it made her think of me! Isn't that nice?

I love handcrafted things and it looks lovely in my side window!

I had always wanted to put some type of stained glass in this window.

It gives me a warm, cozy feeling to know someone is thinking about me.


momofcrt said...

We have secret sister as well. I'm quite saddened though, whoever has my name has done nothing. we've had our anniversary, I've had surgery etc, not a card, note or anything. I think if you sign up for it, you should not only receive, but give as well. Doesn't have to be big or expensive, just a note to say hey, I thought about you.
This happens every year. I think the organizers need to write down the ones who sign up but don't participate and not allow them the next year. mean maybe, but it's really crappy when you hear nothing from your sister. The stained glass is gorgeous by the way :-)

Chandra said...

What a neat idea! I think I'll see if we can implement it in Ancaster...

Nancy-Mom said...

We had those in most congregations we were in as well. Might be an idea to suggest here in Vernon as well.

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