Saturday, February 9, 2013

Can You Believe It's Been Three Weeks?!

Of all the things I assumed I would not be able to do after my surgery, blogging was not one of them!

After Morgan and Jesse bought me my tablet, I was positive blogging from my chair would be a breeze. . .

Who knew how hard it would be to type on a tiny touch screen, or that I couldn't load  my pictures onto the tablet?

Who knew that  I would be able to put my own socks on long before I would be able to sit at a desk for more than a minute or two?

However. . .

It's finally happened.

I am once again able to sit at my desk for an hour or so without  serious discomfort.

Whoo Hoo!

So people. . .

I'm back to regular blogging. I won't promise a post everyday because I still poop out by early afternoon but . . .  if I don't start writing some of the posts swimming around in my brain my head is likely to explode!

How am I doing these days???

My drain has been out for just over a month now and I am happy to report that it hasn't caused problems at all.

I went to the lymphodema clinic twice a week for nearly three weeks, first learning how to do the lymph massages for myself and then getting regular massages from the therapists. At my last visit I was told that I may have escaped lymphodema (for now) and I am to visit again at the end of this month for further assessments. I still massage at the end of the day and wear compression bike shorts at all times but there is a possibility that it might not be forever. (And even if it was. . . if that was the worst of it. . . I would be incredibly thankful!!)

I can now do the stairs normally at least once in the day and my leg bends a little further every day. Still can't bend down too far or sit on the ground but . . . everything in good time.

I have been getting out and about, baking, crafting, taking pictures and even doing the laundry again. A fact that thrills Henry to no end.

 Housekeeping is not his forte.

Mine either . . .

See you all on Monday!

Jada LOVES it when I bake.


Evelyn in Canada said...

I know you clean your dishes well, and I know I have lots of unclean habits, but that image kind of grosses me out. Jada has a very long tongue!

Rosa Veldkamp said...

Ummm. . .
I hadn't thought about that Ev. I guess you won't be eating any baking at my house will you? ;D

Nancy-Mom said...

So nice to see a post again Rosa. Doing this on my tablet from Chilliwack. Here for a grandsons baptism tomorrow. Planning to phone you again soon. :-)

Nancy-Mom said...

Oh ya, people who don't care for dogs much won't like to see Jada licking the mixing bowl. I used to let our dog do that too but didn't let people know that.:-)

Simply and Joyfully said...

I've been wondering how things were with you....great to read your update!


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