Thursday, June 27, 2013

Deep. Dark. Secrets.

There are a few things you may not know about me that I thought I would share. . .

House plants try to hide behind each other when I stroll past them in the big box greenhouse.

 The word is out.

 Go home with Rosa and three months later?  You are a crispy, brown mess, just one day from being tossed in the garbage. She'll save your pot though. . .

When I bake smarties cookies I put them in small Ziploc bags and stash them in a variety of locations in the freezer.

I put a token dozen in the cookie tin and eat the rest  of them on the sly. Shhhhh . . .

Ditto lemon sugar cookies, although, Holly seems to have caught on. She eats as many of those as I do.

I don't like to drive.

 I do not understand the appeal of a road trip. If someone else can do the driving I let them. Better yet. . . I'll fly instead. (Yes . . . I drove a school bus for nearly 20 years.)

When I was young I liked to make up songs and sing them for other kids, pretending they were not made up songs. 

As a matter of fact Tamara and I made up a song (With the organ? someone's piano?) that I still clearly remember . .  Toyland, toyland, Toyland, toyland,  you can sing and play all dayaye . . .  Ring any bells Tam??

When I went to kindergarten I had a huge crush on a cute boy named Stanley.

I was positive that we were perfect for each other. After all, I was Rosa Terpstra and he was Stanley.

 R. S. T.

 It was meant to be! I'm not sure I ever knew his last name. Not that it would have mattered. Who can argue with R.S.T. ???

I hate fish and deer meat.

Oh wait! That's not a secret. . . . That's Henry's lifelong sorrow. . .

Do you have any deep, dark secrets that you want to share???


Evelyn in Canada said...

None. I'm an open book. Ask me anything!

momofcrt said...

HAHA, whenever Tamara was at our house, we'd sit outside on the swings and make up all sorts of songs. One time when I was staying at your place, we put on a little musical for your mom. Good memories!
I don't really have any secrets, I wear my emotions and my heart on my sleeves.

Nancy-Mom said...

Huh,I did a looong comment on here this morning,did you not get it ??? Hands/arm too tired now to do it over :o(

rosa veldkamp said...

I did get it in my email inbox! I was super impressed at it's length and felt so much better knowing I'm not alone in my cookie hording... :D
It's strange that it's not on the blog though....

rosa veldkamp said...

I just double checked, thinking you might have posted your comment to Facebook instead. It is in my inbox but says you posted to the blog.

Very strange. ..

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