Sunday, August 4, 2013

One Year. A Melanoma Update

It's been a year since I was first diagnosed with melanoma and many things have changed in my life.

I've had two operations, one of them major. I've had check ups, physiotherapy and more moles removed.

I spent months hanging out in my chair recuperating.

I was given the amazing news that I was cancer free.

 I went to the Northwest garden show with Tamara, held a plant sale, attended my first blog conference and enjoyed various adventures around the city as I became more and more mobile.

I took pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

I signed up for several courses on a variety of topics.

I gardened. A lot. Seriously. Whaaay more than I ever dreamed of!

It's been a year.

My faith is stronger and my doubts and fears are weaker.

My leg will never be the same but most days it lets me do what I want to do.

I still get tired faster than I'd like, although, I constantly fool myself into thinking that my energy is limitless. . .

Would I change anything???


There were many hard, scary things. Some things are still hard and scary.

God has brought me through this year with tender loving care. He was always with me. He is still with me.

What I received far outweighs what I lost.

To celebrate another year I wanted to do something beautiful. Something unusual. Something that would fill me with joy as I was reminded of God's faithfulness.

I choose mehendi.

Henna. It's an ancient art that has been used for centuries upon centuries in celebrations on the Asian subcontinent and thought to originate in Egypt.

Nicole came with me. It's been twelve years since she was first diagnosed with melanoma. She too is cancer free.

henna art
Nitasha, our talented henna artist.

henna art
The paste is starting to dry.

henna art
Isn't it beautiful?!

henna art
Nicole choose something small for her leg as she had a family wedding to go to a few days later.

henna art
Trying to keep the dried paste from falling off was tricky as we enjoyed drinks on Whyte ave.

Wrapping my arms in paper towel and saran wrap. No washing for 24 hours. Someone else will have to do the dishes!

henna art
The finished product after the paste was removed and it had had a few days to darken.
 This just makes me so happy every time I look at it!

It's beautiful, hand crafted art. A reminder of the many blessings that have been showered on me this past year.

I'm pretty sure it's going to become an annual event.

I'm off to B.C. early tomorrow morning. I get to stay for a week, visit with my sisters and hopefully have an adventure or two.

I'm not sure if I will be able to post while I'm gone. It will all depend on my ability to get to a computer with a good internet connection. Tamara's is has been very temperamental in the past so we will see. I will post pictures on Facebook though . . .

  If you 'like' A life of Whimsey's Facebook page  you can share in my adventures.

Otherwise I'll be back next Monday!


idelle said...

wishing you'll have many more adventures to share with us and may you continue to be a blessing to others as you are blessed by God.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time Rosa! I am so happy for you that you can look back on the past year and be joyful. God has let you be a witness of His power to all of us who are around you. Here's to many more years of being cancer free!


Nancy-Mom said...

Beautiful! A real work of art.. How long did that take.? Happy to hear things are well :-)

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