Monday, June 2, 2008


Morgan graduated high school this past Friday evening.
As you can see from the picture above (the text chosen by the grads for this event) this is not my best work, photographically speaking.

Let's just take that as a given, or I'll spend the whole post apologizing rather than telling the story!
I wanted to start the story with a picture of Morgan coming into the church, but he walked so fast that I didn't get there in time!

This is a picture of four grad girls who, as a surprise to the rest of the class, sang a beautiful song composed and written by Lisa, the young woman who is third from the left. They managed to keep it secret for an entire year!

I had managed to take a short video with my camera but, I don't quite know how I would download it and link it to my blog.

Chandra? Any ideas?

I wanted to take a picture of Morgan accepting his diploma and all I got was his blurry back!

Instead I give you his best bud Brad, who's dad is president of the school board. ( That would be the man hugging Brad. I saw a few tears as well Ron!)

Presenting the graduating class of 2008.

Morgan and Cam in the receiving line.

Do you thing Morgan's happy it's over?!

Morgan with his friend and escort Chantal.
* Note her lack of shoes. The picture I took when they actually came down the stairs was so dark you couldn't see a thing!

Of course Brad had to get a picture too!

The kids had rather interesting centerpieces on the table.

Each of the grads did shadow cutouts of themselves. This is the pose Morgan chose. Brad's was a large black piece of paper with a stick man on it! . . .
Oh Brad!

The gym. (and Jesse.)

This is my sister Lisa who came and stayed with me last week. I hadn't seen her since November.
As my sisters and I live so far apart, it doesn't often happen that we are able to attend these types of things together, so when we can, it's very special. Sorry you missed it Tam. Hope this post helps.
But not to worry, I'll be at your daughters wedding this fall without fail!

This is my daughter Crystal. She's the oldest at 22. She'll be moving home this summer for a while when her roommate gets married.

Holly's 20 and as you can see does not like having her picture taken! The girl beside her has been her best friend since kindergarten, although they haven't seen each other much since Kristen moved away.
Kristen came home for her brother Brad's graduation!

See! She still doesn't want her picture taken!

But she consented to taking a family picture when I used a bit of mother's guilt by reminding her that soon they would all be out of the house, and then what would I have to remember them by?

It was a lovely evening.


Tamara said...

It looked like you had a wonderful event......and I LOVE the family photo. You're so small compared to the rest of the family :)

Chandra said...

Eeekkkk! I have a picture of Crystal in my photo album from when Mom & I came out to Edmonton as my graduation gift. She was, um let's see...5!!! It's positively frightening how old I'm getting!!!!

As for the video, you should be able to get it from your camera to the computer in the same way as you do your pictures, but it'll likely save as an AVI file instead of a JPG file. Then I like to use Jumpcut video ( to edit it and such, but if you want to put it straight onto your blog without doing any editing, then there is an "attach movie" icon right next to the "attach photo" icon in your taskbar when you're making a new blog entry.

Hope that helps!

Jenny said...

Morgan looks just like you! What a beautiful family you have. I didn't realize you had 2 girls either! That's quite a house full growing up.

Are the graduating classes usually so small?


Rosa said...

My kids have all gone to/go to a small, private christian school.
It goes from kindergarten to grade twelve and there are about 180 students.
Morgan's class had 16, Holly's was one of the largest at 22, and Jesse's is one of the smallest at 10.

Brenda Kula said...

Hon, you've got the mother guilt down! Wait till they're all out on their own and don't have time to talk to you on the phone. So you say everything you need to say real fast before they say they have to hang up now!

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