Monday, June 23, 2008

Mouse poop is gross!

* This picture has nothing to do with my post. I'm sure you'll understand why.

I've started working on decluttering the house.

Crystal is moving back home in a few weeks so everything we've stored in her room for the last year has to find a new home.

A lot of the stuff is actually for the bathrooms. Tile, fixtures, sinks and what have you.

Henry suggested clearing out the bench area in the garage. This is where I used to store my gardening supplies before he made me my lovely potting/bike shed.

I started clearing things out.

I found lots of pots, bowls, old tools, etc.

I also found. . .

You guessed it. MOUSE POOP!!!


I ran to the house to scrub my hands, put on plastic gloves and refill my water/bleach bottle.

Shudder. . .

The mice themselves don't bother me, but cleaning up the poop!

I sprayed all surfaces heavily with the bleach water.

Now I'm letting it sit.

I think it needs to sit until tomorrow. You know, for the best possible disinfection power.

Truthfully I'd rather not face it tonight so I think I'm just going to make a cup of tea, and take that along with my book and the shortbread cookies I made on Thursday to bed.

Henry told me that he had known about the mouse poop but decided not to tell me and let me discover it for myself!

I think he was worried I'd make him clean it up.

Two more days of school left!

Whoo Hoo!


Tamara said...

I feel for you Rosa! My crawl space is full of rat poop. Uncle JOhn came and put out poison which got one of them for sure. But it smelled soooo bad we had to beg him to come back to find the corpse.

Good luck with the mice.

Chandra said...

Well, Tamara, just wait until a weasel gets stuck in your house and sprays when you try to catch him!! (BTW, weasels are from the skunk family, in case you didn't know...) That rat corpse will smell like roses then... :o)

Brenda Kula said...

Well, I know that's what is in my small attic space. That's why we didn't put up a Xmas tree. And unless I buy a whole new one, we may never have another one. The rats/mice have eaten my furniture I put up there too. Like Henry, I chose not to deal with it.

Jenny said...

Indeed! That stuff us so disgusting especially to be so small.

Ew, Chandra, I didn't know weasels were in the skunk family OR sprayers. That's really digusting.

Rosa, I think Henry should clean it up since he's the man and all. Especially since he confessed to knowing it was there in the first place. :)

Lynn said...

Yuck to the mouse poop. I hate it when we discover it after we thought we just trapped the "last one". I am so paranoid about it now after I read that not only can the spread disease through contact with their poop, but even through inhaling it! So I always try to hold my breath when cleaning it up. I hope that you can catch the little guys.

Anonymous said...

Hi! im not a happy bunny!!
I found mouse poop in my bread bin it was utterly repulsive! what should i do,, where should i go I NEED THE NUMBER IT MY SAVE MY LIFE!!

Anonymous said...

Hello i can help you the number is
0800 N00N3 C4R32

good luck!

Sandra Dean said...

Well, i think that is a awfully strange number dont you all agree?

hopefully someone will realize you have to call the enviromental assists.

Rachel said...

hi im sure your not a happy bunny are you!? Haha well call enviromental cares.

Brenda said...

hi its brenda here, i found rat poo or mouse poo in my bread bin also except it was in the bread.
So im more of a UNHAPPY BUNNY!

Anonymous said...

your not a happy bunny haha

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