Monday, August 11, 2008

The bathroom's done! For the most part. . .

Well, it's done.

We switched some things and now. . .

I love it.

I still have to spend a day scraping little grout clumps off my tile (you get what you pay for, which in our case was a nearly free tiler) and then sealing all the tiles, but otherwise, all that's left is accessorising!

Tips to pass on. . .

All white bathrooms show dirt.

And hair.

And bits of paper.

And hair. Every hair that lands in a white bathroom is immediately noticeable.

But I still love it.

Although I will be doing a lot more tidying and wiping as I go.

But I love it.

However. . .

If you have small kids . . .

Pass on the white floor.

P.S. Can anyone tell me why this very, very white bathroom looks somewhat dark when I take pictures of it?


Chandra said...

Yes, I can, I can!!! Cameras always average the colors in a scene to a middle grey (called 18% grey), so if you want to show the true white color, you need to shoot manually and set your camera's white balance using a "grey card". 'Course that's a whole big new "how-to" topic, but suffice it to say that this is why your bathroom looks grey instead of white.

Now isn't that interesting?? :o)

Rosa said...

I guess this means I'm going to have to read the manual. LOL
Or. . .
You could just pop over when I need some professional help!! :D
I don't live TOO far away do I?

Jenny said...

Yeah, what Chandra said.

I was going to say that mine come out differently depending on if I use the flash or not. Try one with and one without and see which you like better.

Chandra's answer sounds so much more grown up, lol.

marina said...

I prefer Jenny's point of view. I've done it my self and it worked all right!
My small bathroom has white walls and everything but BLACK floor!Do you know what this means? NO hair but LOOOOOTS of dust and drops:(

Nola said...

For the color of my next floor, I will take in a handful of dirt, mixed with a handful(or 2, or 3) of cat hair, and find the tile that just about matches! Another tip for ANY color tile, do NOT use white grout, use dirt colored, or cement colored, the grout is harder to clean than the tile. Also, keep your grout sealed well, it will make your job a lot easier!

momofcrt said...

sures looks good though compared to what it looked like originally!

Brenda Kula said...

I love how you enclosed that mirror (or however you did it), and I also like that shelf above the toilet area. It looks wonderful now, and will look great with some accessorizing. My guest bath is getting started next week. I'm holding back my soaps you sent to put in there when it's finished! Picked the sage-y green color soaps just for that room! I'll think of you whenever I look at it displayed.

Jenny said...

Lol. Brenda, as I was reading yours I thought it would end differently, as in: "I'll think of you whenever I go to the bathroom." I like your version much better.


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