Wednesday, January 7, 2009


While visiting my sister Tamara's blog just now I noticed that it has been six days since I have posted anything!
I still don't have a computer and although Morgan has been very good about allowing me to use his laptop I still have an issue with my pictures.
All my pictures on on my computer.
Unbacked up. . .
And yes I know how foolish that is. I've been telling myself for three months that I need to come up with a PLAN.
I bought a stack of DVDs from Costco for cheap which was to be the solution, but, somehow. . .
Morgan couldn't get them to work.
My new PLAN was to get a flash drive.
However, I have a lot of pictures.
Which means I need a more expensive model.
I just couldn't bring myself to buy it.
Now I'll have to pay $80 or more to have the files retrieved.
Assuming they can be retrieved.
I took a lot of pictures over the summer I had intended to use for blogging in the depths of winter.
My camera's memory card is full and I don't dare delete any in case they can't get my files back.
I could buy a new memory card, but that costs money. . .
Notice a trend?
I hope to bring the computer in tomorrow and then. . .
We'll see.
I might have to spend some money.


Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I know! I keep telling myself to order an additional hard drive to put my photos on. And I still haven't! How foolish, I know. I will be beside myself if I lose those photos. I HAVE to get something done. Thank you for reminding me, Rosa!

CurtissAnn said...

Oh, Rosa, I so relate. It is all such a quandary. I'm not good at all with a plan, even though I try to make a lot of them. I keep intending to post more often, then before I know it, days have gone by, and I have not.

I'm so glad you are posting with or without pics! Gives me a smile.


Nancy-Mom said...

Rosa, do put them on a disk or external hard drive. We lost all our pictures when our computer crashed and nothing was retrivable. That's years of pictures. Fortunately we have a few on disks but none from our 5 years in Ontario :o( At least any you have put on the blog are still there when you get a new computer. That helps a little :o)

Tamara Jansen said...

I bet you never thought about FLOODING as a possible issue. Today the goat barn flooded and guess where I found my oldest scrapbooks finally? In the goat barn! Fortunately they were not on the floor but still!

Also, the XBOX was on the floor and ended up full of water. Mini Me almost electrocuted herself when she picked it store things on the ground unless you are second story :)

sager said...

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