Friday, October 30, 2009

Jada Is Not Earning Her Keep!

Doesn't Jada know it's her job to keep the mice off the deck!!
(this mouse was climbing the sliding screen door and was stuck between it and the patio door)

For crying out loud!!

Any one have a cat I can borrow for a while?


Anonymous said...

Yuck!!!! One of my least favorite things!! So far in this house...dare I say it...we have not seen a mouse (only spiders)
Sounds like Jada needs some serious outside time to remember what she is supposed to do( are dogs supposed to catch mice) and if that fails get some good traps.

Nancy-Mom said...

Eeks !!

Tamara Jansen said...

SHUDDER! EEUW! EEEEEEK!! How gross is that?! Here's to hoping my bedroom will remain free of rodent droppings this winter :) Nothing more disgusting than finding out I shared my sleep with RATS! Uncle John is my rat killer HERO!!!

momofcrt said...

we have a few cats I can drop one by sometime :-)

Rosa said...

Thanks for the offer Marie!
Now if I could just be sure Jada wouldn't spend every waking moment chasing the poor thing I might take you up on it! lol

momofcrt said...

haha the cats we have would probably chase Jada :-)

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