Wednesday, October 28, 2009


With one more kid moved out and then, surprise!, two more moving back home, it was time for some serious reorganizing.

I had turned one bedroom into a store room and it was such a treat to be able to get food from my pantry shelves without whacking my head on the low ceiling of the cold room.

Alas, that room is going to be needed again, so I have had to do some reorganizing.

Today I decided to clean out my bedroom closet.

Organizing is not my thing.

I love and need things to be organized, but the getting there. . .


I was so cranky when I got home from work and saw this. . .

I chucked everything off the bed, into the closet, and decided to try again tomorrow.

Wish me luck. . .!!!


momofcrt said...

good luck Rosa, organizing is fun, when it's done but getting there.....I feel your pain.

Chandra said...

"I chucked everything off the bed, into the closet, and decided to try again tomorrow."

Ha, I love it! That's so something I'd do!! :o)

Nancy-Mom said...

I agree, it's not fun but has to be done from time to time. But then, what am I saying ? I never have to do it, that's uncle Bens' chore and he doen't allow it to happen in the first place. Shall I send him your way ?

Rosa said...

Hey Aunty Nancy that sounds like a good offer to me!
Do you think Uncle Ben would think so? lol

Tamara Jansen said...

Oh I hate organizing too! But I sure do appreciate it when it's all done.....I need to find some balance in there somewhere :)

heidi said...

Oh that's too funny!
I know, a job has to get started and finished all within about 2 hours or it's starts to get old quickly!!!

Anonymous said...

oops....that was me!

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