Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grown Up

This was Jesse's contribution to grocery night.
And I worried about the fact that my baby is now old enough to vote!
It looks like he'll be my baby for a few more years. . .

Okay, okay, he might also have unloaded most of the groceries and put a good number of them away,
but still!!!


Anonymous said...

Woah..for a second there I was thinking that he "donating" all that food to a food drive called grocery night! Talk about a blonde moment...I was outraged on your behalf.LOL Anyway, glad he unloaded and helped put some away...I'm on my way to do groceries, and live in hope that someone will be home to give me a hand as well...sigh

Nancy-Mom said...

He'll always be your baby Rosa and will continue to show it from time to time, no matter how old he is :-). Hope Lindsey doesn't read this :-)

Anonymous said...

Having a bunch of boys living under my roof, I can relate to this....they would call it creativity?


Evelyn in Canada said...

My "baby" is only 6 and already won't let me call her my baby. I hope she always keeps a bit of her childishness as a part of her.

Rosa said...

Jesse stopped by my bus one afternoon to visit while the kids were coming out of school and getting on the busses.
One of the six year olds (I have 12 on my bus!) asked who he was.
I told her he was my baby.
She(and all the other kids) thought it was hysterical that I would call this huge guy my baby!

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