Thursday, March 24, 2011

Unexpected Gifts

While dropping off one of the kids this afternoon, her mom presented my with a little bag holding three homemade chocolate chip cookies.
"Because you had to wait for me this morning" she explained.
Except I was early this morning because of improving road conditions.
Which I explained again.
"Well yes. . . but still. . ."
I assured her I was not going to turn down homemade cookies!
I would have taken a picture (cause that's what bloggers do. . .)
But once I dropped the last kid off they didn't last more than a few minutes.
I do love an unexpected gift!


Anonymous said...

hmmm....even to a cook or baker, there is nothing like food we didn't have to prepare ourselves, it always tastes better! lol. Glad to hear the road conditions are improving..spring must be close! Lisa

Nancy-Mom said...

Yum,homemade cookies are the best, I would have eaten them as well so I wouldn't have to share :o)I'm selfish we don't get homemade cookies often :o)

Anonymous said...

Made me think sooo much about chocolate chip cookies...I made some today..LOL, Lisa

momofcrt said...

always nice to be appreciated for sure.
I am hoping to do some baking this week for our neighbours to say thanks for cleaning the roads around our area so we wouldn't get stuck in the drifts.
And I'll take some for my sister since I hope to see her this week for an hour or two when I go to Lethbridge with Jackie and her daughter.

Anonymous said...

Rosa.....where are you?! LOL I still check this blog several times a day..I love to hear about your escapades..big and small. Hope the snow is melting fast?

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