Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's Cold!!

I got a call just after 6 am this morning.
School's cancelled!
It was -37C (-34.6F) at the international airport. In March!
Whoo Hoo!!!
To bad Jesse has a dentist apointment this morning. . .


Anonymous said...

YEA!!!! How cool is that? I feel your pain..we had to scrape some frost off our car windows this morning ;p. Sorry, I need to feel superior once in awhile, lol

Colleen said...

BRRRRRR..... It's pretty cold here too, hoping for a *light* breeze chinook. Try stay warm up there!

momofcrt said...

We're tougher here further north, it was -40*C in some places but school was still on ;-).
Hope you enjoyed your unexpected day off.

Rosa said...

Well Marie. . .
I'm happy to be a wuss if it means I get to stay inside with a book instead of wrestling with my bus in frigid temps! :D

Anonymous said...

LOL, sorry Marie, once in awhile, I just can't contain my self. Glad you all are hardy enough to survive arctic temperatures, I don't know what I'd do without my sister!(or my daughter) Albertas a great place to visit, but not in winter;p.Lisa

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