Monday, June 6, 2011

Still Not Done!

Last week I told Holly I was almost done planting and would begin to blog regularly again by Friday.
That obviously didn't happen!
The weather wasn't really cooperating and I was blessed with the opportunity to cook dinner for my sister Lisa, her husband, two daughters, one 'special friend' and a  couple of grand kids. Sarah also had her grad that day so I  tried to make a beautiful table setting for her, Morgan and their friend A who came up for the grad. Oh and of course mom and Crystal came as well.
I'd show you pictures but I was so busy getting the meal out that I totally forgot!
Saturday the weather wasn't great so I had no choice but to hang out inside reading, crocheting and snoozing.
It was a pretty tough day. . .
I really am nearly finished planting.
Unfortunately last week we had 2 nights close to freezing and one that dropped below zero taking me by surprise. I lost half my basil and 4 tomato plants.
So I moved the pots I had planted back into the greenhouse and held off on planting the last three.
Really if I put in a few hours I could have everything done. Which was the plan for tonight.
But then the thunder and rain started. . .
Which means no garden pictures either!
I have high hopes for tomorrow. . .
I'm sure I will finally get everything planted.
Of course if I keep bringing home new plants like I did today, (How can I pass up those beautiful Darvonda plants?) I will never get done!
Some days I think I may be just a little. . . well. . . crazy.
But in a good way. . .
Don't you think???


Tamara Jansen said...

Can't wait to see pictures. Sorry about the basil. What kind of crazy location has freezing temps in June?!

Anonymous said...

LOL, dinner was fabulous as always, and I'm sorry that I was so busy eating that I also forgot to take pictures :( We have arrived home safely, for which we are very thankful. We enjoyed the wedding we attended, but commented, many, many, many times about how cold it was in Edmonton. Really cold!! Glad we got to see you, and hope we can get together this summer. Love you, Lisa

momofcrt said...

definitely chilly up here these days.
Hope your garden survives.

Evelyn in Canada said...

Of course you're crazy in a good way. Aren't we all just a little?

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