Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's The Unexpected Things That Throw You. . .

I woke up this morning with a plan. . .
Breakfast, walk Jada, start some bread, blog and then out to the garden.
It was a good plan.
A fun plan.
But then came the phone call. . .
"Are you home today? I can come over and put that light in your living room."
A bit of mental readjustment and the plan still works.
My handy brother-in-law was up in the attic figuring out the wiring when I discovered that the light fixture that had been kicking around the house for over a year had disappeared!
For crying out loud!
I frantically searched everywhere with no luck. Henry dropped by for lunch and made his own, futile search.
There was no help for it. I had to go shopping for a new one.
Ugh! I really hate shopping!
I ran over to the lighting store and took some time trying to find the perfect fixture.
You know. . .
Beautiful and cheap.
Thankfully Crystal works there, so she helped me find a lovely fixture. Not necessarily all that cheap mind you. . .but beautiful.
Back home to give Walt a hand.
Mom dropped by for a visit.
Hmmm. . .
A little more mental readjustment. Nope, pretty sure the plan isn't quite working anymore. But maybe I can salvage some of it.
Dinner time, and Morgan reminds me that we are going to get a monitor for my just refurbished desktop computer. I'm hoping it won't heat up the way my laptop does when I work on it all day.
Shoot! More mental readjustment.
The plan is not looking good. . .
Supper, a new monitor, and back home.
"Did you pick up milk? We're out." Henry reminds me.
"Uh, mom, the old keyboard doesn't work. . ." Morgan informed me.
Another quick trip.
It's getting late!

Things are looking good though. I have a 24" tv monitor for the computer and working with pictures and making garden power points is going to be awesome!

I think I have just enough time to . . .

It's Morgan with the neighbor's clippers in his hand.
"You  said were going to do my hair tonight . . ."
The last time I did Jesse's hair with the clippers, I continually yanked his hair and then accidentally buzzed a divot out of the back of his head. . .
" Are you sure you want me to do your hair????"

Not too bad from the front. . .
No divots in the back

Mind you I am not 100% sure about the hairline. Thankfully it's not crooked but. . . Should I have rounded the edges?
 Any hairdressers out there willing to give me a few pointers?

It's midnight and I'm pretty sure my plan is toast for today!

Ah well. . .
Maybe tomorrow. . .


Anonymous said...

lol...\i've done the divot thing a few times in my life, but the boys just kept letting me cut it..
Alicia keeps trying to get me to do hers, but , I'm not that dumb...oops, just about forgot to let you know it was me,Lisa

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