Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas at mom and Crystal's house

This year mom and Crystal hosted Christmas dinner at their apartment were a good time was had by all. . .
Oma's cooking up a storm

The boys can hardly wait!

It's very festive in here.

No party would be complete without Jada! 
This was Crystal's inventive solution to an 'ugly sweater' needed for work.

Every once in a while I show up on a picture too. Thankfully it doesn't happen often!

Jada keeps a close watch over the activities in the kitchen. . .

And enjoys a reward for a job well done!

The best present of the evening???  A very large Mario belt buckle!


Anonymous said... the belt buckle!! I wish we had been there!! we are.. finally done for the season.. we had a great time, and served alot of food, and drink...opened alot of Christmas crackers (thanks Colleen!) and got alot of pictures and cards. Hopefully managed to get a rare family picture( which will be complete until February when Colleen and Seb are expecting a new arrival.. then April when Matt and Katherine are expecting their new addition, then Tim and Lieneke are expecting in July...many more blessing the Lord willing..hopefully we will be able to get together sometime this year. miss you...L

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