Thursday, December 29, 2011

Don't Tell Me Dogs Don't Know When They Are Doing Something Wrong!

Jada got a present from mom for Christmas.
She got the same present last year and thoroughly enjoyed it.
This is what she got:

It's a doggie advent calender, one milk bone for everyday before Christmas.
We didn't open it until a week before Christmas when I gave her two and then folded it and put it on the computer table and promptly forgot to give her anymore.
While I was tiding up all the Christmas paraphernalia today I came across it and figured I had better give her one since she had been so good and not dragged it off the table and gobbled them all up.
Only there was a problem. . .

"Henry? Did you give Jada all the treats?!"
 He's at work.

"But there are no treats left!"
Henry felt quite certain that Jada had helped herself.
"But it was nicely folded on the table. How in the world could she get them out while it was still folded up? I mean there are three rows. How in the world could she do that?"

 There are crumbs on the felt. . .

All the bows are still tied. . .

Yes. . . there are definite signs that Jada ate the milk bones. . .

Man! We have the smartest dog EVER!

I just ran out to pick Jesse up from work. 
The first thing I asked him was whether he had given Jada the treats.
"No way! You won't believe it! Jada managed to eat those treats all by herself!"
"Yeah I know."
" I found the thing on the ground and all the treats were gone so I picked it up and put it back on the table."

Huh. . .

Well that doesn't make a very good story!

Sigh. . . .


Nancy-Mom said...

Ha,ha,ha, of course it makes for a good least a good laugh :o) GO Jada !! Licorice would do the same, smart dogs :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rosa, I hate to pick and I know that you have been busy paiting...but I really love your blog..I check a few times a,jut thought youd like to knwo.

Little Military Wife said...

Dogs always find ways to make life interesting! At least she didn't get into anything worse!

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