Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oak Leaves And Acorns

I know I had said I would be posting less photography, but I spent the last two days in a classroom learning how to use Illustrator and it left me feeling as though my head might explode. (but in a good way. . .)

 As a result, Jada and I spent a couple of hours walking and taking pictures this morning to help me clear my mind. ( Of course I am the only one who took pictures. . . Jada's just never seemed all that interested. . .)

So today's post is all about the oak tree. . . (click on the pictures so you can see them full sized, they look much better that way.)

Which picture is your favorite?

I know what mine is. . .


sensiblegardening said...

Eagemst 12Our family has a tradition that every one and their families and dear friends that travel abroad to visit, plant an acorn on our farm ,many are now 20 foot trees. We will soon have a a nice grove of oak trees.

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