Saturday, November 3, 2012

Because I Also Need Food For The Soul. . .

While my sister Tamara and her husband Byron were visiting we got in the chance to feed the soul with a whole lot of beautiful. . .

First we checked out Hole's, and then, when that failed to really satisfy (and I feel like quite jerk for saying that!)

we headed out to Wellington Garden center.

They never fail to deliver. . .

 Our appetite was also thoroughly whetted for the upcoming Christmas display .

One way or another I will be back for that. . . with my camera!

Thanks for a beautiful day!

Love you Tam. (and Byron and Rebecca. . !)


Tamara Jansen said...

It was soooo fun to hang out in all your favorite garden centers! Thanks for the tour.

Leona said...

Rosa...I'll be your date for the Wellington Christmas Tour :) I was in there last month and heard that it is amazing over Christmas.

Anita L said...

Hi Rosa, hope you're doing well. Ever since Holes became The Enjoy Centre I too have been disappointed when I've gone there. They seem to have their focus on just about everything but flowers and plants. You should try going to Greenland Gardens in Sherwood Park sometime. It's beautiful there! Take care, get lots of rest and recover well:)

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