Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Planning For Early Spring. . . By Forcing Bulbs Indoors

On the Saturday before surgery Nicole came over and we spent a couple of hours planting a variety of bulbs in pots.(Okay we probably spent less than an hour actually planting and the rest of the time chatting but hey, that's what good friends do!)

There is nothing like pulling a pot of daffodils or tulips from the cold room in late winter, placing them in front of a cool basement window and waiting for the day they begin to bloom and they are finally ready to move upstairs, beautifying a warm and cozy home while the snow is still flying outside.

I do it every year and every year it is just as thrilling as the year before. . .

 Every year it's a leap of faith  and that's something that's more important than ever this year. . .


Leona said...

Nicely said Rosa...so true. I can never seem to get my act together though, ahead of time. I was just thrilled to get my outside tulips planted last year in the late Fall and I was SO happy with the results in the Spring :) Hope you're doing OK over there!

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