Monday, April 15, 2013

Reading and Creating.

It's busy over here.

Plants need constant watering, flyer's need to be made, everything about running a business needs to be learned, how best to market my business needs to be considered and . . . the goods I hope to sell need to be designed and made. (So much fun!)

Today is errand day as Holly, my Girl Friday and I search out everything needed to finish making all these goods before our sale next week Friday.

A quick peek at what I am reading right now as well as what we have been creating just for you . . .

clay tags
The book 'Cheap' is NOT about making cheap goods but about the effect cheap goods has had on our culture.
Clay tags and wood butter.

clay tags
Clay tags are great for embellishing so many things . . . gifts, jars, vases, napkins . . . the only limit is your imagination!

packaged clay tags
Pretty packaging for a Mother's day gift


derekcindyterp said...

I LOVE the tags. L.O.V.E them!! Do you buy the clay or make it? I've had to many issues with cracking... :( Your vintage design and d├ęcor style is similar to mine, and I really enjoy seeing what you create and come up with!

Val l said...

The tags are so beautiful!! Thay turned out great:)

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