Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Libray

While trying to check out my stack of books from the library last week, I was told it was time for a new card.

Edmonton Public Library is celebrating 100 years so I got a free book bag and the opportunity to pick one of four colours and sayings on my new card.

This is what I went with . . .

I love the library! 


Nancy-Mom said...

Besides puzzling and reading nothing else much gets done by me around here :o) ....okay, I do dishes and fold and put away the laundry !! not totally helpless :o)
I tend to buy my books online cause its difficult to get to the library and then having to look sideways to see the spines to read titles ?? too difficult for me so I buy. Gets expensive tho, just ask uncle Ben :o)

Tamara Jansen said...

Aunty Nancy, that is HILARIOUS! I prefer to buy too. Not because it's so difficult to read the spines sideways but because it's too difficult to return them on time. My fines always added up so badly, it was better to just go and purchase them up front :)

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