Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sharpies Rock!

I was about to bake bread this morning and grabbed my trusty glass two cup measure.


My camera refused to focus on the glass!
I keep forgetting that the red numbers have worn off. I peer at it from every which way hoping against hope that I've gotten the measurement right.

It makes me crazy that things wear out so quickly. After all, what am I supposed to do? Throw a perfectly good glass container in the garbage because I can't see the measuring line anymore??

Then . . . a light bulb.  Maybe I could paint them back on.That wouldn't last though. It would wash off the first time it went through the microwave.

Hang on . . . what about all those sharpies I bought to try out some sharpie art on glass? It will not come off.

Believe me I tried! It's the reason there was no Sharpie art at my last sale. There is no erasing your mistakes.

I even had a red sharpie. Whoo hoo!

Look . . . it worked!

Sharpies rock!


Nancy-Mom said...

Neatly done as well, good job :o)

Sigrun said...

Good job, but funny that tags I write in the greenhouse--red sharpie on plastic fades right away. The signs we have written in red (our price list) have to be re-done a couple of times during the selling season--must be the light.

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