Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring Inspiration in the Midst of a Deep Freeze.

I was supposed to drive the bus for the first time this afternoon and I have to admit, I've been rather anxious about it.

Although I've driven bits and pieces of the route before, a lot of the surrounding landscape has changed, making parts of it unfamiliar. Most of the kids are unknown to me which makes figuring out who is or isn't on the bus difficult. Some of my route, while in my neighborhood, has me dropping off new kids at unfamiliar houses. All in all? A little nerve wracking. Two weeks from now I'll likely wonder what I had to be nervous about, but today it's the first day of a new job.

That makes everyone nervous, right?   

However . . . while on Facebook early this morning, I saw status updates from two of my sisters-in-law. "No school today. -43 with windchill at the International Airport."

Whaaaat?! Alright! Except . . . . it's minus 43 Celsius at the International Airport!

Arghh!  I'm knee deep in growing and planning for the Spring Plant Sale as well as a big Mother's day sale. . . Will winter never end??!

I found something else on Facebook this morning and, if you're as sick of winter as I am, you might enjoy this Spring Fever blog hop. It's a lot more fun than looking out the window at the moment. . .

Click to visit the Spring Fever blog hop with 10 Garden Charmers
 Here's my contribution to the cause. . .

A few garden pictures to remind me that winter doesn't last forever. . .         

Now I'm off with map and student list in hand to drive out my new bus  route in the truck . . .

I'll be glad when it's two weeks from now.


Nancy-Mom said...

Hmm, trying to figure this out, are you starting driving again, or is this just for two weeks. Regardless which it is, you're a pro and will do great. Love the flowers and, it's still kinda cold here still. Very little snow though (yeah:-) Uncle Ben misses snow....me?..... ya, right:-)

rosa veldkamp said...

Well, as long as my leg holds up the plan is to drive the rest of the year and next year if someone else is willing to share a route with me.

Ruth Van said...

Enjoy the day off to check out the route. You will enjoy the driving once you get a few runs in. Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful pictures!

Jennifer said...

Your garden is just beautiful. Like yours,my front garden is all flowers. Does the back have a garden too? I look forward to seeing it if it is. Good luck with the bus driving. The buses pass my house ever day and usually pause out the front for the street light. It's lunch bits and pieces out the bus window before Mom can know. On a regular basis I find what the kids don't like to eat in my garden. They can be quite the rowdy bunch too. Hope it goes well for you.

rosa veldkamp said...

Thanks Jennifer! The back is all garden as well. It's younger for the most part, since I kept changing my mind as to what I wanted there. I think I've finally decided. ;D

I only have a few rules when I drive. Stay in your seats, keep the noise to a dull roar and Nothing EVER goes out the window! Not arms. hands, heads or garbage of any kind. Yuck! If I catch them the window stays closed for the rest of the trip.

It's going quite well so far though . . . :D

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