Friday, May 8, 2015

Rachelle. A Bridal Shower

Back in April, when Henry's mom had the big celebration for her 80th birthday, my sister-in-law Evelyn came up with a plan to surprise our niece Rachelle who, along with her family, came from Ontario for Grandma's birthday.

Rachelle and her fiancee Garnet are getting married in the beginning of June. Most of the 'western' family won't be able to attend, so Evelyn decided to throw Rachelle a surprise Bridal shower, English tea style.

It was a beautiful event and we were all thrilled for the opportunity to share, even just a bit, in Rachelle's special day.

You can see the story by watching her Bridal Shower video.

(Want to see it at it's best? Watch it on youtube, click on the cog in the lower right corner and set it to 720p HD and then in full screen. :D) 

I pray God blesses you both as you prepare for your wedding Rachelle and Garnet.

Love, Aunt Rosa.

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Hetty said...

That looks great! It was such fun and especially that we surprised her! Tomorrow we are having a bridal shower for her here…with exactly the same coffee pot!

Nancy-Mom said...

Very special!

Hetty said...

i hadn't watched the video yet when i posted the first comment… that is so cool!!!! Thanks so much for doing that!… I need to take lessons from you… too bad you are so far away…arghhh! Beautiful. Thanks again for your efforts, they are very much appreciated!

rosa veldkamp said...

It was great that we managed to surprise her! I'm glad you liked the video, I love being able to tell a story that way. :D
Thanks Aunty Nancy!

mackyton said...

What a beautiful bridal shower it was!! I am also going to attend a vintage bridal shower at some local venues for events. I have never attended any vintage bridal event so I’m quite excited for this one.

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