Monday, January 28, 2008

A frosty day.

It's terribly cold outside today. Can you believe it was -30C (-22F) when I woke up this morning! Even worse was the windchilll. -42C (-43.6F)!!! They had already decided to cancel school last night so I was all set for a nice warm day inside. I had no plans to step foot outside my door today. That was until Henry poked his head in the door on his way to work, to tell me my truck tire was flat! Poor Morgan had to be dragged out of bed to get the compressor to pump it up. Small problem... the truck won't start.

Time to plug it in. Where is the plug? We haven't had to plug it in since we bought it. Poor soul...

He kept coming in to thaw his fingers. Eventually the plug is found, protective cap pried off and now we wait for a few hours for the block heater to work it's magic before I must bring it to the garage.

Somehow though... I will plant my seeds today !!!

In the meantime...
I leave you with pictures I took on a frostier, but warmer, walk with Jada last week.


nancypants said...

I just had to follow you here from Ree's because I'm also from Alberta (well, I'm not really from here... I'm from California but have been here for 5 years now!) I posted yesterday about the cold! I'm so ready for Summer already! LOL **sigh**

Tamara Jansen said...

You poor, poor souls living in Alberta. -43 with the windchill is not humane, that's for sure. Can you believe that we will be delivering a semi truck of cymbidiums out your way by the end of the week???? LEt's make a collective prayer for some better weather.

nancypants said...

Tamara, believe it or not but in Fahrenheit it's supposed to get down into the -60s with windchill. No, it's so not humane. Hubby had to shovel this morning and he said through two pairs of pants (one being snow pants) his legs still ached with the cold!

Mama DB said...

Oh burr. Here I am complaining about the 55 degrees today, like I've just been dropped down in the Arctic.

I love the picture of the snow on the ends of the branches, although I think I need to go and make some hot tea now. You know, to warm up my core and all.

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