Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Lesson Learned (Again!)

Remember how one of the things I had to do yesterday was come up with a delicious quick meal?

I did. (at least, I thought I did.)

Leftover roast beef with gravy from the freezer, scalloped potatoes from a bag (sidekicks), corn, beans and homemade apple sauce.

Yum, right?

Just one small problem.

Once heated the 'roast' and gravy turned out to be pretty much only gravy.

Looks like Henry's eating mostly vegetarian tonight.


Lesson learned? Always label things going into the freezer. You really won't remember!

* and by the way, don't knock my potatoes from a bag. They are actually very tasty!


momofcrt said...

I haven't tried the sidekick potatoes but we do like the noodles and the Harvest Chicken Rice.
When you buy them on sale for $1 per pack and it only takes two to have enough for your family, it's a nice, tasty yet inexpensive meal

Brenda@A View From The Pines said...

It would be stew night for me!

Tamara Jansen said...

It all looks wonderful to me.....that's about how much meat I usually cook for our whole family :)

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