Friday, December 12, 2008

Deep Freeze

Well by this time tomorrow we will be in the deep freeze.
The weather's been lovely up until now, but starting tomorrow. . .
Asthma and frigid temperatures don't go well together so I've been running around like mad trying to get most of my shopping done so I won't be running from store to store in -25C ( -13F)temps. (Down to -32C or -25F overnight)
A day or two is hard, but I can manage, although driving the bus is about all I manage to get done in a day.
At the moment however, the long range forecast shows this cold Arctic high settling in for at least two weeks!
So. I'll be working very hard, remembering my blessings (warm home, hot showers, good food, big stack of books, etc.) rather than dwelling on the difficulties.
I will likely take Tamara's advice and blog about warm things.
Have a great weekend.
And stay warm!


Tamara Jansen said...

Are you sure I gave you that advice? I don't remember giving it........but I seem quite wise, if I do say so myself :)

I think you must have had a DREAM where I told you what to blog about because, lets face it, until a very short time ago......I didn't know what a blog was. You're the expert around here!!!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I have NEVER experienced that kind of cold, and hope I never do. I can't even imagine what that would feel like. Please stay warm and toasty.

Colleen said...

Oh boy are we ever feeling the north wind coming from your area! It's going to be -28 here tomorrow, and we're experiencing quite a blizzard right now! Hopefully this doesn't keep up because we're planning to come up on Dec 20th...

momofcrt said...

I woke up to -30* this morning and we're headed to the city this afternoon/evening to catch the Oilers Canucks game.
Hopefully it isn't too bad and that after the game the van starts!

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I would hate to have to get out in that kind of frigid weather. I think I would hole up with some hot soup and cocoa for awhile.

momofcrt said...

How cold is it today Rosa? When we left the game last night it was -39* most of the way home.
It's -34.9* here now, not sure if there is/what the wind-chill is.

Rosa said...

It's -30C with a wind chill of -40C. Brrrrr. . . .!
(I'm glad I live in the city where it's always a little warmer!)

CurtissAnn said...

That artic blast is right this minute making it's way into central Oklahoma and headin' for Texas. But two weeks?! Oh, and we were complaining about possible three bad days. We get ice, not snow. I keep saying, "All is well..."


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