Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Homemade Butter

So in the interests of trying something new with food I decided to make butter yesterday.
Ev has done it a few times with her girls and liked the result.
I had a small carton of whipped cream which I poured into a mason jar.
I started shaking the jar. And shaking, shaking some more, resting and then shaking again.
I was getting tired.
All of a sudden something began to happen!
I was thrilled! I had made whipped cream and butter was the next stage!
Whoo Hoo!
The only problem was, the whip cream wasn't shaking around in the jar because it was too thick!
For crying out loud!
Both my elbows were sore. (I have no idea why. . .)
I decided to give it up, so I made chocolate pudding to go with my whipped cream and we all enjoyed an unexpected dessert.
I may have to do a little research on butter making. . .


Anonymous said...

I seriously laughed out loud!
Hope you didn't shake your brain too hard!
Do you know that they sell butter at the grocery
store down the road?
Love, your lazy cousin

Rosa said...

Dear lazy cousin,(Faith/Irene?!)
Thanks for letting me know about that grocery store thing! lol :D

Tamara Jansen said...

ha ha ha, he he he, ho ho ho! That´s me laughing in GERMAN!!!! This is precisely what I love about you :) Thought about you last night as we waited for a full hour in minus 10 degree weather at a train platform where we accidentally got off in the middle of nowhere. I almost cried but.....I knew you make lemon aid out of lemons in the alberta weather so I had to suck it up. Almost froze my toes off though.

Chandra said...

It might have felt like nothing was happening to the whipped cream, but really, if you just kept shaking, it would have become butter. Honest, we've done it loads of times here! In fact, we have an expired carton of whipping cream in the fridge right now, whichI promised the kdis they could make into butter this week...Oh, and LL is Faith. :o)

Evelyn in Canada said...

You are seriously funny. I've heard that if you put a marble or something to rattle around in the jar, it will keep moving. I, however, did it the lazy way and poured it into my food processor.

You have 2 lazy cousins? Only two? I don't know how I'd guess my cousins if they signed off that way. :-)

Rosa said...

I have twin cousins who both live in the States, Faith and Irene. I just wasn't sure which one of the twins LovingLyndon was! ;)

jurrina said...

I leardned to do that on the fieldtrip to John Walters museum!
Why didn't you just use your mixer?
That would save your elbows!
Did you add salt at the end?

Apple Jack Creek said...

Ev is right - add a regular sized marble to the jar when you're shaking it - that's how we do it here, and it seems to make a difference. 20-30 mins of shaking and you have butter. We just pass the jar around as people's arms get tired.

Not a BIG marble though - that'll break the jar (ask me how I know this!)

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