Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Is Reading Month

You know how university students get reading week?

Well I've decided to declare January reading month.

I've spent the last two weeks reading pretty much non stop.

I've been reading everything I can about our food system like Stuffed and Starved, In Defense of Food, A Nation of Farmers, along with books about gardening in small spaces and books on permaculture.

I've skimmed numerous cookbooks looking for new ideas for dinner and countless magazines hoping for new bread recipes and organic growing techniques.

My brain is whirling!!

My brain needs a break!

The rest of the month is going to be all about fiction. . . mysteries, suspense, christian novels and some general fiction. There will be a bit of bread and cookie baking mixed in. (After all, I'm going to need something good to eat while I drink tea and read books! I'm thinking of trying donuts as well. Yum!!)

If you don't hear from me for the next few weeks or so you'll know where I'll be. . .


Tamara Jansen said...

WHAT?! You forgot to mention BLOGGING as part of your January "to do" list. You better get your priorities straight, sister!

Rosa said...

LOL!! :)

Evelyn in Canada said...

I agree. Blog about your books!

Lochlanina said...

Doughnuts are really easy to do if you're already baking a yeast bread -- from the time I was small I remember helping my Mum make doughnuts from extra bread dough. Honey-whole wheat makes Really good cinnamon and sugar coated doughnuts. YUM!
I encourage the making of doughnuts.
Here's what you do:
When the bread is risen (for the first time) and you are ready to put it in pans to rise again that's when you can take some of the dough roll it out and cut it into doughnut shapes (if you do not have an oldfashioned biscut/doughnut cutter you can use drinking and shot glasses).
They don't need to rise very long before they are ready to pop into the pot of hot oil on the stove. Flip them over when they get golden on one side -- the "holes" tend to flip themselves -- and then use a slotted spoon or tongs to take them out when they are golden on both sides. A matter of minutes.
Let them rest on paper towels (drain off excess oil)and then coat with cinnamon sugar mixture (or ice them) when they are cool enough to handle.

That works for just about any yeast bread recipe.

Rosa said...

Thanks for the tip Lochlanina!
I have to bake bread tommorow so I'll give it a try.

Nancy-Mom said...

Ahh, reading, I love it, good thing, as that's about the only thing I can still do :-)
Those donuts? yep, they're quite easy. Used to make them a lot way back when. The biggest problem is not eating a dozen right away :-(

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