Thursday, December 2, 2010

Center Pieces

Well, I decided to just go for it!
I just had to see if we could sell a few arrangements at the bazaar.
I took the day off and My sister-in-law Leona offered to come and help out for a while.
She is working as my floral foam assistant,

and I took courage in hand and started placing the greenery. . .

Here's the first one:

What do you think?
How much would you pay?
 Anxious in Alberta.


Nancy-Mom said...

It's beautiful Rosa, and as to what I'd pay ?? I have no idea how much something like that would cost as I haven't been to a bazaar for years and bought anything like this :-( I'd love one or two of these though, price whatever you say. :-) Doesn't help does it ????, sorry.

Tamara Jansen said...

They look FAB!! I would pay LOTS for that :) Especially because I know how much work you put into them :)

Laura said...

Nice job! I'm sure you could sell them for quite a bit. I have no clue what the going rate is and I'm sure you could sell them for more, but as a shopper I would scoop them up in a second if they were $35!

Anonymous said...

I would buy them if they were $29.00 (i'm cheap) but I agree they look gorgeous! YOu always keep upping the game don't you? lol
I'm sure they will all sell, even at $40 each (it is a fundraiser after all). I miss talking with you, cna't wait till bazaar is done for another year! (lol), Lisa

momofcrt said...

I like!!!! When is the bazaar?

Colleen said...

I think that's gorgeous too! what a great idea for our Bazaar next year! I agree, probably $30-40 is good!

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