Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Wintery Day

A quick peek at how my day started:


Evelyn in Canada said...

I thought the actual temperature was mild, but I froze my fingers shovelling some of that heavy stuff off the sidewalks. Now that I've cleared a path for the mailman, I have to still clear another one for my own children to enter via the back. And just when my fingers have finally defrosted! Brrrr!

momofcrt said...

Our buses picked up all the students, got to the transfer school and after much discussion brought all the children home again. The roads out here are terrible.
I hope your roads were driveable. We'll be homebound for a couple of days until they can clear the roads again.
Praying for traveling mercies, you have a big responsibility as a bus driver, hats off to you Rosa!

Anonymous said...

We had really really heavy rain a few days ago..It was serious stuff..I really do feel for you guys, I can't handle the freezing cold temperatures for very long(last December we came to Edmonton for a party, and from our hotel room the temp gauge across the street was -37..and that was without the wind chill!!!)
I am always thankful I live here and not there as I am a big wimp..I have told you over and over Rosa how much I admire you for getting up and going out every day to drive the are amazing! I miss you, and can't wait to see you in January. NOw having said all that..guess where Rick and I will be this week end? yup Coaldale! LOL, can't wait to see seb, colleen, Colten and Talia..I have to go shopping!

Chandra said...

I love it Rosa, you sound EXACTLY like I remember!!

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