Monday, February 4, 2008

Another busy day!

I've just gotten home.

After my bus run this morning, Morgan and I had to do a bunch of running around.

He is now the proud owner of a red 1995 Mazda mx6 gold edition car!!

You will get the complete car saga later this week.

I have pictures of his first two cars and we need one of him with his Mazda to complete the set.

But I refuse to take a picture of him until after he gets his hair cut. If you could see how shaggy he looks! But then, I don't want you to .... which is why we will wait until after his hair cut tommorow.

Almost time to go back to work... I should have something plant related tommorow.

See you then!


Brenda Kula said...

Your purple petunia picture is lovely. And you go to such lengths with your seeds! I'm impressed, Rosa. You really know your stuff. Where did you learn all this, if I may ask?

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