Friday, February 15, 2008

A great gardening idea

While visiting various blogs this morning I came across this one.

The divas are a group of friends who work on the principal 'many hands make light work'.
At the beginning of each year they meet at a resaurant and plan the coming year's projects. Each member gets a month and they can choose what project they would like to have done at their home. Some times that can mean a new garden bed and others may want general clean up, pruning etc.

Before they begin their day (one day is chosen from their month) the hostess provides her fellow gardeners with a delicious breakfast served at a beautifully set table. Work and fun begin. Lunch is again, something special and, by the end of the day, the ladies have enjoyed good food, good company and made a garden more beautiful.

What could be better?

I've got a few friends in mind already!


Annie in Austin said...

Hello Rosa - thank you so much for visiting with the Divas - and thanks for letting me know the older diaries wouldn't come up. I don't know what the heck is going on! It looked okay a few days ago. Maybe my youngest son can help me with this.

Were you using Internet Explorer? In order to see some blogs I have to switch to Firefox. Once I pulled the Diva site up in Firefox all the links worked.

Your garden looks charming and I like that inspiration wall- but I'm not sure you qualify as middle-aged quite yet!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Richard C. Lambert said...

The garden continues to keep us all very busy, lots of weeding, manure, preparing beds for planting out, clearing beds that have finished and planting a new batch of young plants in fresh beds. Some days we look as though we are playing a strange game involving adding and removing clothing. We go out in rain macs and in minutes can be topping up the sun tan lotion and wearing summer this weed eater reviews

Johney Luke said...

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