Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Anyone want to guess who's wrist this is?

A tattoo has been discussed before .

My dislike of the idea was made known! (Although to be truthful, they don't really bother me on others, as long as they are tasteful and don't cover a large percentages of a person's body...)

However when we are talking about my own flesh and blood. . . !

When questioned as to why a ride home was needed from me, when a bus could be taken?

Well the tattoo was displayed. Somewhat shamefaced as my dislike was known. . .

I would like to be rightously angry about this.

An inconvenient memory intrudes. . .

Back in the day I desperately wanted my ears double pierced. Mom was adamantly opposed. Being the good quiet girl that I am I complied. Until that is. . .

Mom was in the hospital with gallstones. Left on my own with my sisters and brother what did I do? ? ?

You guessed it!

My friend Anita and I got our ears double pierced!

And then visited my mom in the hospital knowing that she wouldn't make a scene around so many people. We figured by the time she got out she would have cooled down. . .

I deserve this tattoo, don't I?


Anonymous said...

Oh my. The tattoo itself could be worse, but it's position means it will always be seen.

On the other hand, a wrist rarely gains much weight over the years so the word wouldn't stretch and get all weird as she ages!

I'm with you though...not in favour at all. May the fashionableness and acceptability of tattoos die before my girls start to think about it.

- Ev

Tamara Jansen said...

When I saw that picture on Facebook, I was hoping it was a temporary tattoo. Oh well, it could say somethingworse :)

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