Friday, February 29, 2008

Winter flowers

Normally by the end of January I'm suffering serious gardening withdrawal. I get very cranky, and Henry knows that it's time once again, to surprise me with my midwinter flower bouquet.
Last week I realized that he hadn't bought one this year.
When questioned he replied." Why would you need more flowers? There are flowers all over the house!"
As I looked around I realized that it was true!
I also realized that I hadn't had my annual cranky bout either. (Well. . . a cranky bout connected to gardening. The weather is another story!)
So here's a look at what's been keeping me going.
The amaryllis at the top is from a bulb my dad bought for me three years ago. It's flowered every year since!

I bought this plant for myself. I hate to admit it, but my mind is blanking on what it's called. And I call myself a gardener!

Tamara, care to let us all know what this is? These are what you started with in the greenhouse all those years ago isn't it?

This is the beautiful rose Holly bought me for Valentine's day. It lasted a long time!

This amaryllis is the third stem on the bulb Jesse bought me for Christmas. It's quite something isn't it?

And we can't forget my favorite flowers as we head into spring. Primroses. I love primroses.

Cyclamen! That's what the mystery plant is! Cyclamen! Whoo Hoo! It looks like I might be a gardener after all!

Whew!!. . . I was getting a little worried there!


Brenda Kula said...

Are you sure this menopausal thing is over for you? I mean, when you can't find the word...remember my post a few days ago! Ha-ha! I use that terminology, but the reason I can't remember things is probably just because I'm getting old. YOU'RE not old. You're young. So maybe it's hormones. Or the heady scent of so many flowers in your house!

Rosa said...

Hmmm. . . I hadn't thought of that! You could be right!Drat! I like to tell myself I have come out the other side! Looks like I'm not quite there yet. :D
And it can't be the heady scent of flowers, because none of my flowers have much scent or it would trigger my asthma!
Must be the hormones.:)

Tamara Jansen said...'s like a swear word to me. It brings back such bad memories of losing money :) Do you realize that we've never, ever sold a cyclamen since that time? They are pretty though, aren't they? Just hard to make any money at.

Rosa said...

THAT I didn't remember!
It must be the hormones. . .
I promise never, ever to post a cyclamen picture again! :(

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