Thursday, March 20, 2008

A ladybug

I saw a ladybug in my garden yesterday afternoon! (Not on that rose mind you. I just put that there because I'm getting a little impatient!You know. . . for green stuff in the garden.)

Of course when I ran back to get my camera she was gone.

The snow is starting to melt fast, at least in the front garden.

The back has a lot more shade from the garage, until later in the season, when the sun is higher.

I took Jada for her walk this morning and it was wonderful. Still pretty brisk, mind you but that spring feeling is definitely in the air!

I'm going to plant my second last batch of seeds today! They are a bit later than I'd like, but, by the end of the season they should be caught up with the rest of my plants

Wishing everyone a blessed Easter weekend!

I'll see you all back here on Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

And I saw buds on trees and tulips in all the south-facing flowerbeds. Not the flowers, but the leaves were excitedly pointing out of the soil. Woohoo!

I wish I had a south-facing bed, but I'll just get excited on the behalf of others for now.

And thank you for my birthday adventure!

- Ev

Chandra said...

Ha, I almost laughed out loud!!! Ladybugs are a horrible pest at our house this time of year; I bought a mini-vac last week just because I was sick of pulling out the big vaccuum cleaner so many times a day to suck them up! We even made a deal with the kids that they get 5 cents for each bug they catch...and they've earned over $10 between the 3 of them in about one week. That, in addition to the 100 or so that I vaccuum off the windows every day. The joys of an old house out in the country...

Brenda Kula said...

When my youngest daughter (now 29) was little, I was the assistant coach of her softball team. At my behest, we were called The Ladybugs. That is because I don't really like bugs. But I do love ladybugs. They are elegant, cute little creatures that do their job in our gardens.

Rhea said...

Yes, the ladybugs are back, here in Boston, too.

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